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Is the change that you’re driving achieving what you thought it would?

I mean, sure you’re spending money – but are you getting what you want from it?

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Drive Up The Value Returned On Their Change Investment

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Tell A Bigger, More Connected Story While Doing Less Work and Getting Better Results

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Skyrocket Effectiveness By Learning To Anticipate Their Client Needs and Eliminate Jargon

What Others Are Saying About Brendon

Thank you for inspiring me!

Hope, Value Management Office, Australian Taxation Office

When I began this project, it was facing some serious headwinds.  However, after working directly with Brendon, in only a short amount of time, we had a clear direction, developed a practical delivery strategy and knew how to prioritise our tasks. It gave me the confidence to successfully carry out our project. This was a real achievement given the turbulent environment we have had to work in.

Karin, Project Executive, Department of Finance

With Brendon’s one on one coaching, in just a few months our $9M program went from a 300 line task-list with untold delays to a well oiled machine. Our executives love the new clarity.

Tanya, Program Manager, Customer Service Transformation, Energy Client

Brendon provided both the vision and kick-start our Project Office needed. With Brendon’s new ways of thinking, our team now collaborates more, our practices are more effective and our processes are more efficient.

Sarah, PMO Director, Department Of Education Skills And Employment

Brendon was informative and engaging. Not only did he describe how influence networks operate and what the attributes of effective influencers were, he also gave us some practical steps to improve our own abilities to influence others. Once again, thank you.

Tony, Board Member, Canberra City Lions Club

Brendon’s insights were refreshingly practical.

David, Program and Portfolio Expert

Loved Every Bit Of It!

Brad, Sales Manager, Defence Housing Australia

I really like how you simplify, and just focus on what really matters.

Anthea, Project Director, Australian Taxation Office

Brendon is obsessed with driving simple, streamlined ways to deliver better change. As you soon as you start reading you can tell. There’s no superfluous steps. There’s only what works, designed and delivered in a way that everyone across my organisation finally understands what we are doing.

Michael, Executive Director, Large Government Client

About Brendon

In a world filled with armies of consulting graduates sitting in dimly-lit rooms retroactively justifying why the latest ‘transformational’ initiative went ahead… Brendon is converting others to a radical new idea…

Keep it simple.

We are all involved in changing our organisations, whether we know it or not. The issue is the industry has over-complicated it. From the obtuse jargon and untold reams of paperwork. It’s just too hard, too confusing and too academic.

You don’t have time for that. No one does.

As a leading expert in the field, Brendon Baker has consulted on over $10Billion in key transformation projects and programs across a range of industries. This has included public infrastructure, business/cultural transformations, shared service implementations, restructures, process overhauls, technology deployments, social policy & more.

Brendon Baker is the Managing Director of the Quality Project Initiative. His mission: help executives deliver Change that creates Real Value.


The Books

Valuable Change

What You Need To Know To Ensure Your Change Initiatives Pay Off

We Are In A Crisis!

85% of the change initiatives in your organisation may as well be worthless… We all know that we should be realising Value on our change initiatives. So why don’t we?

It’s just too hard.

The industry has over-complicated it. From the obtuse jargon, complex spiderweb mapping tools, and tracking tools that are stuck in the weeds. It’s just too hard. No one has time for that. So we do what we’ve always done. Deliver a good idea and move on.

In a world filled with armies of consulting graduates sitting in dimly-lit rooms retroactively justifying why the latest cross-government initiative went ahead… There’s finally some good news… A beacon of hope.

The Valuable Change Approach.

A simple, approachable and highly effective way to finally connect WHAT you’re doing, with WHY you’re doing it, and then PROVE it!

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Creating High Value PMOs

Your Essential Guide

Cursed to Fail?

Have you ever stopped and considered how deep the PMO graveyard in your organisation is?

The multi-million dollar question is: Are you doing anything different? …Or is your PMO cursed to fail too?

Almost every organisation these days has tried at least once to build a functioning and sustainable Project, Program or Portfolio Management Office …And almost every organisation has failed.

The good news is that I have dug up the skeletons, avoided the zombies, aired out the tombs, outrun the boulders and uncovered the common cause of PMO death. So, what if I said that you could reverse the trend and be the one who actually achieves it?

Could you be the hero who pulls the sword from the stone and stops the curse?

Let this guide be the Merlin to your King Arthur. It contains everything you will need to finally break the cycle (while helping you show everyone else, once again, that you can achieve the impossible).

Preorder here:

Preorder Creating High Value PMOs at

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Creating High Value PMOs

Not your usual dry and boring PMO guidebook. The words fly off the page and Baker’s easy humour makes this an engaging read. Don’t be mistaken though, the content is spot on. If you want your PMO to succeed, or if you need to refresh it, start by reading this book.

Valdi Gravitis, Founder, NSW Whole of Gov. PMO Community of Practice

Brendon is the Managing Director of the Quality Project Initiative

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